Without wings I won't fly. Without you, I'll die.
With your wings I'll Soar Up High
Tuesday, April 5 COLOURED.

truth for your eyes.

Go through my perspectives.

Be in my shoes.

Only then will you understand the pain.

The pain that I bore.

I know what I say now would be fallen to thy deaf ears.

Nevertheless, I just want to make things clear.

-I did mean every word I've said to you in the past.

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10:57 AM

Thursday, March 31 COLOURED.


This is the first new entry. I hope that I'll be consistently updating my blog. It's been a while. I know.

Anyways, I've been very very happy so far. I do not need to explain myself. But if you do feel a need to know so desperately, find me. I'll weigh my options and decide whether to tell you or not. :)

So this is it for now. I kinda have a lot of things to do for now. Oh well, how can one not have things to do when he's gonna finish his national obligation in around 10 weeks and see his pink I.C once more?!?! woooohhooooo!!!!!

10:14 PM

Restart my life.

10:08 PM

The Dude
1. Muhammad Farhan Bin Ismail.
2. He loves Sundays.
3. He loves any days.br> 4. In love with one homosapien, and only one.
5. Comments are welcomed, practice the right to speech.
6. Cheers maggots!

A little something from me;

-My sanitys' aflying,
-My hearts' afluttering,
-All I can say is,
-I love you.
-Without you,
-I'm nothing.